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Sustainable Value in Automobile Manufacturing

Automobile Study (3rd Ed.) - Press Release

Sustainable Value wins RNE Idea Competition

RNE press release German/English

RNE press release German/French

Sustainable Value of Pulp & Paper Companies

Pulp & Paper Survey - Pressmeddelan

Pulp & Paper Study - Press Release

Sustainable Value Creation by Chemical Companies

Chemical Study - Pressemitteilung

Chemical Study - Communiqué de Presse

Chemical Study - Press Release

Sustainable Value in Automobile Production

Automobile Study (2nd Ed.) - Press Release

Automobile Study (2nd Ed.) - Pressemitteilung

Automobile Study (2nd Ed.) - Communiqué de Presse

If you would like to listen to a live recording of an interview with Dr. Tobias Hahn about the results and rationale of the first version of the survey, please click here.
(RadioEINS (rbb), "Die Sonntagsfahrer", 30 March 2008, in German language)

NeW Survey

NeW Survey - Pressemitteilung


ADVANCE Survey - Press Release

ADVANCE Survey - Pressemitteilung

ADVANCE Survey - Pressmeddelande

ADVANCE Survey - Pressemeddelelse

ADVANCE Survey - Sajtóközlemény

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